Friday, November 25, 2011

What are you thankful for?

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and it took my skinny jeans and self confidence with it, lol. All joking aside (at least I think it was a joke =/ ...) I want to take the time to thank my amazing family! We have had a rough year you guys and I am thankful that we have survived it! You mean more to me than I could ever express so I'm not even going to try. Thanks for another amazing year! Love you guys bunches!

Here are 5 things that I am thankful for in 2011: 

1) Health. My family has had a rough go of things in the last year but every single day I thank the Lord that my mom, even though she is sick, still has great health despite the cancer she is fighting every single day!

2) My boyfriend. Without getting too sentimental and causing extreme nausea amongst my readers I will only say this. Thank you for being so understanding and supportive when I needed you most! 

3) Job opportunities! This year has been such a fulfilling year for me. I have two amazing jobs that put a smile on my face every single day! Not too many people can say that. 

4) My nephews. They crack me up like no one else can and brighten days that are sometimes really difficult and cloudy. I love you Buster and Nilly!

5) The rest of my family! You know who you are! You guys are the best and I wouldn't trade you for the world!

Here are a few captures from my Thanksgiving festivities! Love you all!

                                      Someone's ready for some sales!

My sweet Paw-Paw! Eating so much food and watching so much football really is exhausting! =)

Can't forget the other best part of Thanksgiving...


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