Saturday, December 10, 2011

{Hare Family}

Many of my readers may know Dana and her family and what they have been through this year. For those of you that don't, I am going to share their story with you.
Dana and her husband Benjy have always been active members in our church. Giving their time and their energy to help out, a lot of that time was spent in our Nursery ministry. They are two of the kindest most giving people that I have had the privilege of meeting. 
Things changed for them in a big way just a little over a year ago. One evening they went through their usual routine. The next morning, Dana woke up without full use of her legs. She could feel them, she says they were shaking, but she couldn't get them to move. She continued and continued to try to stand and walk, losing her balance each time and falling over.
She has gone through every test you could possibly imagine after visiting with multiple doctors and specialists in Charlotte, Gastonia and the Mayo Clinic in Florida. 
She has her good days and bad days now. She is able to move around with a walker some days but there are others when she needs the help of a wheelchair.
A year later, this sweet family still doesn't have the answers they so deserve. Please continue to Pray for Dana, Benjy, Hannah and Joanna as they continue down this path. 

Thank you Dana for your courage and motivation that inspires all of us who see it! We love you!

For more on Dana's story: visit our local newspaper

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