Sunday, January 1, 2012

{Part 2} 25 Photography Facts

Hello from beautiful California! I know it's a few days late but here is the second installment! Continuing with my 100 posts celebration! 

1) Photography has long been a passion of the Fretto family! I have multiple family members who are photographers themselves or were in the past!

2) I "accidentally" stumbled into photography. I happened to take a picture of a cousin of mine. He was all snuggled up in his carseat and happened to look up at me as soon as I took the photo. My Aunt Francesca (who's a fabulous photographer herself) happened to see it one day in an album. She told me that I had an "eye" for photography and that I should really look into learning more about the craft and seeing where it took me. I haven't looked back since. 

3) I learned how to shoot on my parents Kodak Easyshare camera. Proof that you can learn on just about anything as long as you have the desire and willingness to learn!

4) I purchased my very first camera for my 22nd birthday! Definitely late to the game but that baby got me through a lot! lol

5) I promised I would share this story with you guys. I'm going to hate every second of it though haha!

     ...On my trip to Europe I took my parents Kodak camera. I was 
     still VERY inexperienced with it and didn't know anything about 
     how it functioned. I was told by someone that you couldn't put 
     regular alkaline batteries in a camera, you had to use 
     rechargeable ones. In my haste to leave the house for the airport
     I happened to leave behind my battery charger. Once overseas...
     I realized that I had left it on my bed and nearly cried for being 
     so forgetful. Many of the other youth who were on the trip 
     offered to let me use some of their alkaline batteries. I politely 
     declined saying "I was told they would damage the camera so no
     thank you". Yes, I am blonde and I knew nothing about the
     wonders of technology. I still feel incredibly depressed whenever
     I think back to that trip. I so wish I had pictures to show off! lol

6) Ever since that trip, I have never left a single piece of my photography equipment behind! 

7) My favorite pictures to take are of little ones! My style of shooting is very candid and natural. Which is perfect for capturing their sweet spirits just the way they are! *smile*

8) I love the adrenaline of shooting fast-paced events!

9) Everytime I go somewhere I'm thinking "How could I capture that in a picture?".

10) I tend to focus on the little things/details in my photos. I rarely ever photograph the bigger picture. It's more exciting to me that way!

11) I have never taken a single photography class or workshop! 

12) I hope to have an actual studio someday in the not too far off future!

13) My favorite part of my job is meeting so many great people and capturing special moments for them to treasure!

14) Many photographers hate the editing process of photography. I absolutely love it!

15) Whenever I'm editing I turn on my "Muse" or "The Monkees" Pandora stations and sing along! I have a really fun job! haha

16) I always get nervous before a session but once I am there and I am shooting I always think to myself that I am so silly for being nervous in the first place!

17) I could spend hours looking at other photography pages and blogs! 

18) I just acquired my first DSL-R camera this year! Since then, I have learned soooo much more about photography. 

19)  I created Oh Snap! Photography Club this year for amateur photographers in the Cleveland County area! Let me know if you are interested in joining! *smile*

20) My go to site for all things photography related is Digital Photography School. Check them out! 

21) I have a list of pictures I would love to shoot! #1 on the list, get a great shot of a Humpback Whale! 

22) I also have a photography destination list. Next up: Alaska!

23) Each and every session I have ever done will forever hold a special place in my heart! My clients so far have been phenomenal and I can't wait to work with them again! *smile*

24) I love movies that have photography based characters! 

25) I can never get enough of photography books! I love looking through all of the beautiful photographs and wonder what the story is behind them! 

Thanks for checking in on part 2! Be on the lookout in the next few days for parts 3 and 4!! 


  1. Hello Annie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You can find Ashley Fretto Photography on Facebook through this link here. If you would like to join Oh Snap! Photography club I can add you through Facebook. =)