Saturday, February 18, 2012

{Museum Magic}

When I was little, one of my very favorite places to go was the museum. I would walk through the giant foyer of the Field Museum in Chicago and immediately feel like I was going on some kind of amazing adventure. I am so happy to have 2 nephew in my life who remind me of myself as a child. They love adventures and discovering new things! I love that I get to experience days like this with them! 
Here are some of my shots from our latest trip to Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC! *smile*

Papa (my dad) trying out the nail bed. Ouch!

Nephew # 1's turn! 
* Please do not attempt to do this at home. 
This was an interactive exhibit provided by the museum and it's professionals!

Putting gravity to the test!

Nephew # 1's Harry Potter moment.

Nephew # 2 was overwhelmed at first. But he quickly 
realized he could build something truly magnificent if he tried...

...So he got right to work. This is what he came up with...

Talented little guy! *smile*

You heard it here first! Marlin found Nemo! 

The little "Rockstar". He loves his music!

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