Saturday, March 3, 2012

Behind the "Photographer"

In an age where photography is easily accessible to almost anyone willing to plunk down some change for a camera, true photographers are sometimes hard to spot.
I love using Google as a tool to admire other artists work and oftentimes find myself inspired by some truly beautiful images.
Other times, I find myself overwhelmed at just how many photographers are out there! We are ALL over the place!
I began this journey close to 7 years ago when I purchased my first digital camera. A camera that I could call my own and use whenever I felt like it. I always was the "photographer" in the family. But I didn't begin to take it seriously until I had that first digital camera in my hands. There was SO much to learn and SO much information that I didn't know how to access. I'm a girl from a small southern town in North Carolina. I knew nothing about the internet and how resourceful it is. I wish that I had known that there was a whole world of experienced professionals out there willing to share their knowledge and advice. 
This coming from the girl who grew up with an Aunt in the same profession!! She was amazing and was so incredibly helpful and encouraging. But there are just some things that she couldn't help me with being so far away.
One big piece of advice she shared with me was "You can tell the difference between a professional and a hobbyist. The ones with a true passion and those without. A photographer never leaves their camera behind". So with that I am going to share some tips that helped me out, just in case there is another small town southern girl who is completely lost and doesn't know where to begin. 

1) Working on what my Aunt shared with me. Take your camera with you everywhere you go! It may be hard to believe but you might just learn something by shooting off a few frames at the supermarket! Practice is the only way you will ever grow!

2) Get out of Auto Mode. You should control your camera! It shouldn't control you! That is the best thing I ever did for myself as a photographer! 

3) Don't rely on your cameras kit lens! It is incredibly limiting. If you are anything like me you were/are strapped for cash and couldn't afford another lens right away. That's OK! I'm not talking purchasing lenses straight out of the gate. But if you have had that new camera for a few years and haven't purchased additional glass you aren't doing yourself any favors by limiting yourself! *smile*

4) Research! There is a whole world (the world wide web that is) that has sooo much available for you to learn!! It is truly amazing to experience the photography community and I suggest you come to the dark side immediately!! One of my favorite sites that has gotten me through so many "I have no idea what I am doing" moments is They have so many resources for both amateur and professional photographers! Check them out!

5) Read your cameras manual! Learning how to utilize your cameras functions to their full potential will help you in more ways than you know! 

6)  Determine who you want to be as a photographer. What do you enjoy shooting most? What are you superb at? Don't try to be 100 things at once. Create a specialty for yourself! *smile*

7) Network! Believe it or not, marketing is the single most important piece to the puzzle. You could be the best photographer in the world but it will mean nothing if no one else but you knows that! 

8) Even the best of the best are still learning! Photography is ever evolving, which is what makes it so amazing! Don't get discouraged!
(I still struggle with this one myself)

9) Challenge yourself! Don't be afraid to experiment!

10) Never let yourself grow an ego. This (I believe) can be incredibly damaging to a photographer. 

I will share more with you later this week! I so hope that you find this information helpful! Best of wishes to all of you beginners and to all of you who have already been on this incredible journey for a while like me *smile*.


  1. Love this, thank you for sharing!

  2. I am so glad! You are very welcome! Thanks for stopping by! =)