Friday, October 21, 2011

Zoo Adventures!

Another one of my very favorite things is the Zoo! That may just be (aside from family) one of the top things that I miss most about my hometown Chicago. They have an amazing zoo there that I am constantly comparing all other zoo's to! I love to take my nephews to fun new places and watch them as they explore things! Here are some great pics from our latest trip to the NC Zoo! Enjoy!

 I used to be deathly terrified of gorillas as a child. 
 "I'm a photographer, they don't stop. They never put down their camera's" ~ Gabe (Oh dear, what have I done? lol)
Drop and give me 20!

 Bad hair day? I know how you feel.
 Brother in-law Michael and cousin Sarah

Poor little guy is all tuckered out after a very long zoo day...
 ...Amazing what a quick nap can accomplish. *smile*

It's hard to imagine that something so sweet and playful can be so very dangerous!

 I believe my sister actually has 3 sons =)
Gabe imitating a picture we have of my brother Michael...If only I could find it. 

The two sweetest, most entertaining nephews a gal could ask for!

We had such a great time at the zoo with our family! Can't wait to go back as soon as we possibly can! =)

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