Monday, October 24, 2011

A walk amongst the trees

I was blessed to have the chance to spend some one on one time with my older sister Nikki yesterday. You know how it is, life gets busy and schedules work against one another. So it's always nice when that rare afternoon comes along and you realize that you have nothing "better" to do than take a quick photo hike with your sister. Before you know it that "quick" hike turns into a couple of hours, then a stop at the coffee shop and then a "Oh why not, I'm on this side of town" stop to visit the two cutest nephews in the world! Here are some of my pictures from a too long overdue day out with my sister. *smile*


  1. I had a blast!! I thought I was stupid to take one picture, but now I see it wasn't that stupid. It is the last photo you posted here. Lol. Love you and it was long overdue!

  2. Ashley these are just beautiful....

  3. Thank you so much Angie! It was such a great little hike!